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EDX-3000A Memory Recorder/Analyzers

Enables Synchronous Acquisition/Reproduction of Measurement and Moving Image Data.


  • High-Speed Sampling at 200kHz/32 Channels (100kHz/64 Channels).
  • Simultaneous Recording of Moving Image with a High-Speed Camera.
  • Conditioner Cards Selectable for Specific Applications.
  • Conditioner cards common to EDX-100A/2000A.
  • Up to 8 cards can be mounted for measurement of a maximum of 64 channels.
  • Highly User-Friendly Operation.
  • Simultaneous recording of measurement data and moving images.
  • Versatile Real-Time Processing Capability.
  • Transformation into All-In-One Logger.
  • Operable without a Monitor and Keyboard.
  • Easy-to-Confirm Channel Status with LEDs.
  • Online Remote Control of Multiple Instruments.
  • 15-inch color LCD available optionally
  • Input of voice memos possible
  • External I/O Connectors (BNC).
  • Remote Control Unit RCU-42A (Option).
  • Time synchronized measurement (option).
  • Built-in Backup Battery.

    EDX-3000A is an advanced stationary measuring instrument having sophisticated features and highspeed processing capabilities. It is the highest-end model of EDX Series. Both online and offline control is available, and with an optional display and keyboard, it can be used as an all-in-one logger. Software having the similar functionality with well received dynamic data acquisition software DCS- 100A is installed in this model for monitoring and recording measurement data in a variety of graph windows, and at the same time, enabling simultaneous recording of measurement data and moving images as well as rosette analysis and other arithmetic operations.

    Conditioner cards

  • Strain/Voltage measuring card: CDV-40B/40B-F
  • Dynamic Amplifier card: DPM-42A/42A-F
  • Thermo couple card: CTA-40A
  • F/V converter card: CFV-40A
  • Charge Amplifier card: CCA-40A/40A-F
  • CANcard: CAN-40A


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    KYOWA EDS 400A


    Dynamic Data Recording Software DCS-100A


    Coupling Sample NTB-100A

    NTB 100A



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