Civil engineering/Construction measuring instruments
Strain gages are designed to electrically detect ''strain,'' minute mechanical changes occurring in response to applied force. They are used not only for machines and moving objects but also in various fields including electrical equipment, civil engineering, building construction, chemicals and medicine. Strain gages enable detection of imperceptible elongations or shrinkages occurring in structures. Measurement of such elongations or shrinkages reveals the stress applied to the structure. Stress is an important factor to confirm the strength and safety of structures. KYOWA strain gages are available for measurement of varied types of strain, from static strain to dynamic strain occurring at higher than 100 kHz and impact-initiated strain.KYOWA strain gages also provide a wide range of applications and can conveniently be applied to structures of varied materials and shapes. In addition, strain gages are used as sensing elements for measuring load, pressure, acceleration,displacement and torque. Thus, they are widely utilized not only in experiments and research but also for industrial measurement and control. Over 50 years ago KYOWA produced the first strain gages in Japan, and based on the abundant experience and technologies accumulated throughout these years, the company now manufactures various kinds of high-performance strain gages to cope with multiple application environments .

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