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GL7000 Data Management System

The new generation data acquisition unit.
The amplifier module can be expanded to accommodate a wide variety of measurements.

  • Amplifier can be attached to up to 10 modules
  • Attaching the high-definition display module with touch panel allow both stand-alone operation and embedding into a system
  • 2 interfaces to connect the GL7000 to your PC: USB2.0, Ethernet
  • 4 destinations to save the recording data (built-in RAM, Built-in Flash memory, SD memory card and SSD module
  • Software for high performance and easy operation

    Flexible amplifier module combination allows wide range of measurments

  • GL7-V Voltage module (1kS/s Simultaneous sampling;10 channels/unit; Maximum input voltage 100V)
  • GL7-HSV High speed voltage module (1MS/s high spped simultaneous sampling; 4 channels/unit; Maximum input voltage 100V)
  • GL7-HV High voltage module (High withstand voltage 1000V; Maximum sampling speed 1MS/s; Real-Time RMS measurement)
  • GL7-M Voltage/Temperature module (10ms/10ch High speed scan method; 10 channels/unit; Variety of input types (Voltage, Thermocouple, RTD)
  • GL7-DCO Voltage output module (8channels/unit; Output voltage from recorded data; output data can be created by dedicated software)
  • GL7-CHA Charge module (charge voltage 4ch/unit; max 100 kS/s; charge IEPE)
  • GL7-L/P Logic/Pulse module (logic/pulse module (logic/pulse 16 ch/unit; max 1MS/s, simultaneous sampling)
  • GL7-DCB DC Strain module (strain voltage 4ch/unit; max 100kS/s; Strain gauge TEDS Sensor)

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