DATAQ DI-710 General Purpose Ethernet Data Acquisition

DI-710 Data Logger products operate Stand-alone or PC-connected

    Product Highlights

  • Low-Cost, Portable, USB or Ethernet Data Logger or Data Acquisition System.
  • 16 single-ended, 8 differential analog inputs.
  • NEW! HMP50 Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature probe specifically for use with the DI-710. See the HMP50.
  • Stand-alone data logger option allows in-the-field measurements to be saved to Secure Digital Cards (SD).
  • Built-in Real Time Clock allows automatic time and date stamping of data acquired to SD memory when used in the stand-alone mode.
  • 14-bit analog to digital conversion.
  • Includes WinDaq Software.
  • Record up to 14,400 samples per second (assumes SD latencies of 80 milliseconds or less) with Stand-alone models or up to 4,800 samples per second with PC-connected instruments (WinDaq/HS required to achieve recording rates over 1,108 Hz with PC-connected instruments).
  • Measurement range of +/-10mV to +/-10V (-L Models) or +/-1.25V to +/-10V (-H Models).

The DATAQ Instruments DI-710 Series of products is a family of eight instruments for general purpose and stand-alone data acquisition applications. Options include interface type, input voltage range, and PC-connected or stand-alone data logger operation. Interface options are USB or Ethernet. Gain ranges have selectable factors per channel of 1, 2, 4, and 8, or 1, 10, 100, and 1000. Instruments with the stand-alone data logger option feature a built-in multimedia socket that accepts secure digital cards (SD) to which acquired data may be stored without a connected PC.

SD memories are the same commonly available mass storage devices used with digital cameras and MP3 players. Memories ranging in size from 32MB to 2GB are supported. Instruments without this option must remain tethered to a PC's USB or Ethernet port during data acquisition and use the PC's own program and memory to store acquired data.

All DI-710 Series products feature 14-bit measurement resolution, sixteen analog input channels that may be configured for single ended or differential operation per channel, and an 8-bit digital bidirectional port. PC-connected instruments stream data to the PC at a 4,800 sample per second throughput rate (WinDaq/HS required for sample rates over 1,108 Hz throughput).

Stand-alone data loggers store to their internal SD memory at sample throughput rates of 14,400 samples per second. Minimum sample throughput rates are 0.44 Hz for stand-alone, and 0.048 samples per hour for tethered instruments. All DI-710 instruments are supplied with a removable, 32-position screw terminal access connectors.

Powerful Data Acquisition Server Capability
  • DI-710 Stand-alone data loggers are the first in their price range to offer data acquisition server capability. Acting as a server allows stand-alone instruments to locally and independently acquire data to their memory cards, and then make that acquired data available upon demand, either by plugging the memory card into a reader, or uploading via the Ethernet interface.

    Ethernet-enabled DI-710s provide the most power and flexibility. A DI-710 with an Ethernet interface and built-in memory transparently becomes like any other computer on a network, able to share recorded data over a network to a PC on the other side of the facility, or over the Internet to a PC on the other side of the world.

    These stand-alone instruments can be added easily and seamlessly to existing networks without incremental bandwidth burdens, storing data in memory and uploading on demand. Stand-alone data loggers can also be controlled locally using multifunction push-button control and multi-colored, red, green, orange LED status indicator.

    Recommended Memory Card
  • For optimal performance, DATAQ Instruments, Inc. recommends using a Lexar Professional 133X 2 Gigabyte Secure Digital Flash Memory Card to record your data. Memory cards are available through our online store.

    Data Acquisition To Go
  • Complete portability in a small (5.4375"D x 4.125"W x 1.5"H), lightweight (14 oz.), self-contained package with built-in signal connectors. Use the DI-710 with desktop, transportable, notebook, or laptop computers or over an installed Ethernet or as a stand-alone data logger.

    Wide Signal Measurement Range
  • Suitable for use with many different signal sources, the 16-channel single-ended, 8-channel differential DI-710 features a per channel measurement range of +/-10 V over four gain ranges. This allows you to simultaneously measure a wide range of signals with ease. Input measurement ranges are as follows:

    -H Models
  • +/-10V at a gain of 1
  • +/-5V at a gain of 2
  • +/-2.5V at a gain of 4
  • +/-1.25V at a gain of 8

    -L Models
  • +/-10V at a gain of 1
  • +/-1V at a gain of 10
  • +/-100mV at a gain of 100
  • +/-10mV at a gain of 1000

    Flexible Programmability
  • Channel-by-channel software selection of gain, single-ended/differential operation, and signal averaging.

    Fast Throughput Rate
  • Supports sample throughput rates to 14400 samples per second (assumes SD latencies of 80 milliseconds or less) to SD with stand-alone Models and 4800 samples per second to PC with PC-connected Models. WinDaq/HS is required to achieve recording rates over 1,108 Hz with PC-connected instruments. Gains of 100 and 1000 greatly reduce effective maximum throughput rates - see the manual for specifications.

    Easy to Connect & Use
  • Installs in seconds. Simply connect to your computer's USB port or an Ethernet port using the supplied cable. Connect power, then connect your signals to the provided screw terminal blocks (16 ports each). Stand-alone models just need a memory card and power.

    Includes WinDaq Software
  • Be up and running minutes out of the box with WinDaq acquisition and playback software. WinDaq/Lite software is included free with the purchase of every DI-710 instrument. WinDaq/Lite operates at a maximum throughput recording rate of 1,108 Hz with a DI-710 Instrument. A special version of WinDaq acquisition software may be purchased (WinDaq High Speed Option) allowing you to record data at the speed of the instrument (up to 4800 Hz).
  • WinDaq Waveform Browser, our unrestricted playback and analysis software for Windows, is also included free with the purchase of every DI-710. Use it to review, measure, compare, and analyze the waveform file after it has been recorded by WinDaq acquisition software. WinDaq software products support up to 14 bits of measurement resolution.

    Need Signal Conditioned Inputs?
  • Our DI-715B Series and DI-718B Series offer all the same great features of the DI-710 Series but with Signal Conditioned Inputs.

    Data Logger Solutions for Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature Measurements
  • The HMP50 humidity and temperature probe is a simple yet cost-effective transmitter suitable for a variety of applications including green houses, fermentation chambers, and data loggers. Its small size and easy connections make it the perfect solution for DI-710 Data Logger temperature and humidity measurements.

    The Advantages of Ethernet Data Acquisition

    Ethernet Data Acquisition systems provide a stable communications interface that can be accessed virtually anywhere. Advantages include:

  • Connects to any established Ethernet network with multiple drops
  • Inexpensive cabling
  • Uses TCP/IP Protocols and is accessible via the internet
  • Runs as far as 328 Feet (100 meters) are possible without hubs
  • Doesn't require Device Driver Installation
  • Additional pictures

    HMP50 Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature probe

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