DATAQ DI-148U-SP Data Acquisition Starter Kit

Waveform Recording System for troubleshooting, maintenance, design qualification, process monitoring, and medical research.

    Product Highlights

  • Two string pot inputs plus two general purpose inputs (+/-10V range)
  • Low Cost, Compact Data Acquisition Kit
  • Convenient USB Interface
  • 8 +/-10V Analog Single-Ended Inputs
  • Six Bidirectional TTL Ports for General Purpose Control
  • 10 Bit Resolution Up to 14,400 Hz Sample Rate
  • WinDaq Software
  • Cable Included

Model DI-148U-SP is similar to the general purpose model DI-148U, but is designed to connect directly to as many as two string pots for displacement measurements. Two general purpose inputs are also supported. When used with string pots, model DI-148U-SP provides a complete solution, with a built-in, stable excitation supply that is exposed for each string pot channel. Like the DI-148U, the DI-148U-SP supports a channel scan list, high sample rate throughput, and a USB interface. These features combine to produce a robust instrument that can be applied to nearly any data acquisition situation where pre amplified signals need to be acquired to a PC, and where displacement measurements using string pots need to be made. Rounding out the products are six bidirectional TTL ports that may be used for general purpose control Sample rates may range from sub Hertz, to 14,400 Hz.

Product Highlights
  • Two string pot inputs plus two general purpose inputs (+/-10V range)
  • Low-cost, compact, data acquisition starter kit.
  • Record Data With 10 Bits of Measurement Accuracy at Rates Up to 14,400 Samples/Second. WinDaq High Speed Acquisition software required for recording rates over 240Hz.
  • Convenient USB Interface.
  • Six digital bits for general purpose I/O.
  • Includes WinDaq/Lite recording software, WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software, communications cable, screwdriver, and documentation.

    High Sample Throughput
  • Supports sample throughput rates up to 14,400 samples per second. High Speed version of WinDaq/Lite Recording software is required to reach these high sample rates. WinDaq/Lite is limited to recording rates of 240 Hz throughput.

    Easy to Connect and Use
  • Connects to any local laptop or desktop PC. Built-in excitation for up to two string pots. Two, built-in, 8 position screw terminal connectors allow easy and secure access to all signal I/O connections without the need for extra options.

    Small Package
  • The DI-148 is housed in a small plastic enclosure measuring 66D x 66W x 28H mm (2.6D x 2.6W x 1.1H inches).

    WinDaq Software Included
  • The DI-148 data recorder starter kit includes WinDaq/Lite recording software and WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software. An extra cost high-speed acquisition version of WinDaq is available for these products. WinDaq/Lite is limited to recording rates of 240 Hz throughput.

    Step up to the DI-158 Series
  • Need a higher Full Scale Voltage range with programmable gain and analog outputs? Then consider our cost-effective DI-158 Series of Starter Kits. The DI-158 Series of products offer more control options with their analog output capability, connect to a wider range of voltages (up to +/-64 Volts), have more flexibility with per-channel selectable gain ranges, and has a USB interface. There has never been more power in such a cost-effective instrument.
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    DI-148U Starter Kit

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