GL1000/1100 Data Management System

The Data Management System with an Incorporated Standard 40 GB Internal Hard Drive.
Graphtec's technology permits ultra high-speed sampling (40 MSamples/second with the GL1000/1100 and high-speed amplifier) and direct data acquisition to the internal hard drive for extended measurement sessions.
  • Analog input 8 channels(4slots)...16 channels(8 slots)
  • Logic input 8 channels...16 channels
  • Internal storage device, memory 512 kword/channel...2 Mword/channel, HDD 40 Gbyte
  • Synchronyze function Max.8 units or 64 channels
  • PC Interface PCMCIA slot (type ll), LAN )Ethernet), USB

    High-Speed and Simultaneous Sampling Inputs. The GL1000/1100 realizes data acquisition without time delays between channels and with insulated Multifunction Inputs for all Channels.

  • GL1000-8 8-channel mainframe
  • GL1000-16 16-channel mainframe
  • GL10-V Voltage preamp, 2-channel module
  • GL10-M Multi-input preamp, 2-channel module
  • GL10-DCB Dc Strain preamp, 2-channel module
  • GL10-FV F/V preamp, 2-channel module
  • B-534 TFT monitor-8,4" color display and graphical user interface
  • B-535 100mm wide printer, thermal array, 25mm/s max chart speed
  • B-505 12VDC power supply option (10-16 VDC, approx 150 VA)
  • B-506 Extended Monitor Cable set (1m and 22.5cm)
  • B-515 Synchronization cable
  • B-509 Extended Memory (1 Mword/ch) for GL1000-8
  • B-510 Extended Memory (1 Mword/ch) for GL1000-16
  • PR-119 Roll paper, 100mm wide (price per roll), 5-Pack
  • B-368 Head cleaner set (for the thermal printer)- contains liquid and sheets


  • High-Speed and Simultaneous Sampling Inputs.
  • Versatile Amplifiers enable simultaneous recording of highspeed, multi-channel inputs.
  • Easy-to-use Bundled PC Application Software.
  • Allows viewing of waveforms in real-time through USB or LAN interfaces.
  • Insulated Multifunction Inputs For All Channels.
  • Allows combined use of voltage, voltage/temp, strain and frequency amplifiers based on the measurement target.

    Main Feature

  • Easy PC Interface Through LAN, USB or PC MCIA
  • Standard interface configuration provides a USB interface for easy PC linking,
  • LAN interface for remote acquisition, and a PC MCIA card slot (Type II)
  • Web Server & FTP Function
  • With the all-new web server service and file transfer protocol (FTP) its now easier to share and transfer data through your public and private network remotely via your PC.


    The GL1000/1100 is supplied with software that provides excellent control over most GL Series functions. It also provides convenient data transfer and control from your PC to the GL1000/1100 as well as converting measured data into file formats that can be used with spreadsheet applications, data analysis applications, and other software programs. Converted data can be easily processed in electronic spreadsheets and graphs using popular applications such as Excel. The GL1000/1100 channel count can now be increased by connecting up to 10 GL1000/1100 to a personal computer running the GL1000/1100 control software.




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