WR9000 Series Thermal Arraycorders

Easy Operation High Speed Recording 8 to 16 Channels
The WR9000 series featuring a host of new functions, is Graphtec's 4th generation of highly-acclaimed thermal arraycorders. Chart speeds up to 200 mm/s are selectable from the front panel, and the sampling rate is a high-speed 4 μs. For users who need increased functionality, we offer a wide range of options such as logic amp input, floppy and MO disk drives, RS-232C and GPIB interfaces, additional memory, DC drive, and a Z-fold chart paper box.
  • Number of channels 8, 16
  • Measurement modes Recorder, Memory Recorder, and Logging
  • Memory capacity 128 kwords/channel (optionally expandable to 512 kwords/channel)
  • Display panel 8.9"Electroluminescent display (two-gradation display)
  • Recording method Thermal recording by a thermal array print head of 8-dot/mm pitch
  • Chart paper Roll paper (part no. PR231A), 210 mm x 40 m, trace color: black
  • Recorded width 205 mm (1,640 dots) maximum
  • Isolation voltage 1 min at 1,500 VAC between the AC power supply and frame
  • Isolation resistance 100 MΩ or more at 500 VDC between the AC power supply and frame

    Performance, reliability and ease of use. The WR9000 comes standard with three recording modes to suit your applications: Recorder, Memory Recorder, and Logging. In Recorder mode, the WR9000 displays and records analog signals as realtime waveforms, and it can also capture data into memory simultaneously. Voltage ranges are from 50 mV to 500 V, and logic input is available as an option. In Memory Recorder mode, data captured into memory can be displayed and recorded as waveforms. The WR8500 comes with a standard memory capacity of 64 kwords/channel, and an additional 256 kwords/channel memory is available as an option. In Logging mode, measured data is displayed and recorded as digital values. Data can be captured directly onto a floppy or MO disk. Graphtec's 8 dot/mm thermal array technology enables the information shown on the LCD panel to be accurately reproduced on chart paper. In addition to waveform recording up to 200 mm wide and printing of digital values, you can also print out a list of setup parameters, as well as a hard copy of the display screen. 11 formats are available for the 8- channel model in Y-T mode*2, and a 150 x 150 mm format in the X-Y mode. A selection of 9 grid patterns is also offered.

  • B-361 Additional memory (for 4/8 ch model) 512 kwords/ch
  • B-362 Additional memory (for 16 ch model) 512 kwords/ch
  • B-363 GP-IB interface IEEE-488-1978 (replaces the RS-232C)
  • B-364 Magneto-optic disk drive 3.5", 640 MB
  • B-365 DC drive 10 to 16 VDC, for 4/8-ch model
  • B-366 DC drive 10 to 16 VDC, for 16-ch model
  • B-367 Long-length Z-fold paper box For 100-m length Z-fold paper
  • WR8500 Interface WR8500 RS-232C and GP-IB Control Commands
  • UM-351 Command Manual


  • Easy operation--just like an analog recorder
  • Three recording modes for diverse measurement scenarios
  • Wide-format recording and display
  • File Conversion Software

    Main Feature

  • Cursor Readout function
  • Scrolling function
  • Storage of data in the cursor-specified range
  • Statistical Calculation functions
  • Print function
  • A remote interface (CMOS level) which enables start/stop control of the recorder using external signals is built in.
  • The WR9000 can perform the following 7 cursor-specified statistical calculations


    Graphtec's OPS011 file conversion software (Windows version) converts data stored on the WR9000's floppy or MO disks into TXT or CSV formats so that it can be used with spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft's Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.




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