WR3320A Linearcorder Mark VII

WR3320 Linearcorder Mark VII Continuous Recording Up to 200 Meters
The WR3320A Linearcorder Mark VII is a thermal writing pen oscillograph which has been designed to meet the standards required by even the most exacting of professionals, including government agencies all over the world. This is a proud testament to their reliability and legendary performance.
  • Analog input 4-ch model: 2 slots, 8-ch model: 4 slots,16-ch model: 8 slots (amplifiers can be mixed in any combination)
  • Model WR3320A (-2H -4H -6H -8H )
  • No. of Cannel ( 2 4 6 8 )
  • Model WR3320A (-1DH -2DH -3DH -4DH )
  • No. of Cannel ( 1 2 3 4 )
  • Amplitude +/- 20mm
  • Recording method Heat-sensitivepaper and thermal pen (Black)
  • Circuit form DC Servo
  • Accuracy Within +/- 0.5% of full scale (including non-linearity and dead-band)
  • Reference voltage 1V (Accuracy +/- 0.2%)

    Performance, reliability and ease of use.The Linearcorder Mark VII is capable of recording high-speed phenomena of up to 140 Hz, and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications from production sites to the laboratory. The WR3320A can be configured as a 1-, 2-, 3 or 4- channel recorder with an amplitude of 80 mm. per channel or as a 2-, 4-,6 or 8- channel recorder with an amplitude of 40 mm. per channel. (40 and 80 mm. channels). Continuous Recording Up to 200 Meters. Both roll and Z-fold paper can be used with the WR3320A. 100 meter lengths stock inside the recorder, while an optional Z-fold chart supply box with a take-up tray enables the use of 200 meter lengths. Roll paper can be rewound simply by pressing the REWIND switch, and an automatic roll chart take-up unit is available as an option.

  • WDC-201,202,203,204 Acrylic dustproof cover
  • A329 200m Z-fold paper supply box
  • SMA-101-4P BNC converter plugs
  • A-380 Printing function *2 (With one printing connector (16pins)
  • A-334 Rack mount brackets
  • Recording Paper (Black, 100m length)
  • Roll Paper (5rolls/box) PR410-2B-R5A, PR412-4B-R5A, PR413-6B-R5A, PR414-8B-R5A, PR420-1B-R5A, PR422-2B-R5A, PR423-3B-R5A, PR424-4B-R5A
  • Z-fold paper (5books/box) PZ410-2B-R5A, PZ412-4B-R5A, PZ413-6B-R5A, PZ414-8B-R5A, PZ420-1B-R5A, PZ422-2B-R5A, PZ423-3B-R5A, PZ424-4B-R5A


  • 140Hz High speed frequency response and crisp, clear traces by a thermal writing
  • Multiple Remote Control Functions
  • Optional Versatile Recording and Printing Functions
  • Selectable channel variation for various purposes
  • Continuous Recording Up To 200 Meters
  • 0.2% Highly Accurate Chart Feed

    Main Feature

  • Models from 1 to 8 channels
  • 40 or 80 mm wide channels available
  • Legendary Graphtec quality and reliability
  • Plug-in signal amplifiers
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): dc to 140 Hz
  • Sprocket drive chart paper eliminates drift and skew
  • High quality, low maintenance pen writing
  • Selectable chart speeds
  • Time marker along left chart edge


    OPS023 control/transfer/conversion software is included, so you can convert data captured to Excel or delimited ASCII format. Need more analysis power? FlexPro can open Graphtec data files natively, providing a powerhouse analytical capabilities with an Excel-like interface.




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    WR300 Z-Fold

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