WR300/310 Thermal Arraycorders

WR310 Series Thermal Arraycorders 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations.
The WR310 Series Thermal Arraycorders are economical waveform recorders available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations. Unlike old-fashioned paper-only recorders, the WR310 series is a 21st century technology through and through. In fact, this unit is nothing less than a single-box version of the ultra-modern DM3100 with the screen and printer built in.
  • Analog input 4-ch model: 2 slots, 8-ch model: 4 slots,16-ch model: 8 slots (amplifiers can be mixed in any combination)
  • Logic input 4-ch model: 4 channels, 8-ch model: 8 channels, 16-ch model: 16 channels
  • PC interface Ethernet, USB 1.1
  • Memory capacity 1 Mword per channel
  • Internal memory 40 GB 2.5 inch hard disk*1, PCMCIA slot (Type II)
  • Isolation voltage Between the AC power supply and casing: 1 minute at 1,500 V AC
  • Insulation resistance Between the AC power supply and casing: 20 MΩ at 500 V DC
  • Backup functions Setting conditions: EEPROM, Clock: Lithium batteries
  • Operating environment 0 degree C to 40 degree C, 30% to 80% RH (5 degree C to 35 degree C when using hard disk or printer)
  • Operating noise levels Standby: 60 dBA max.

    Performance, reliability and ease of use. WR300 Recorder designed specifically for long-term waveform recording. Selection of models with 4, 8, or 16 input channels 50 mm/s chart speed 100 mm recording width for 4-ch models; 200 mm recording width for 8-ch and 16-ch models Data Capture (Large capacity)- 40 GB HDD / PCMCIA card. Long-term data capture is possible with WR300 series at high speed. WR310 enables continuous measurement for 200 minutes at 10kS/s for 8-ch. 1 Mword/ch internal memory is standard. Models available with 4, 8 or 16 input channels. Plug-in 2-channel WR300 series amplifiers adapt the system to a wide variety of input types and sensors. Multi-function input - Plug-in amplifiers.

  • WR3-V Voltage preamp for WR300 Series, 2-channel module
  • WR3-M Multi-input preamp for WR300 Series 2-channel module
  • WR3-DCB DC Strain preamp for WR300 Series 2-channel module
  • WR3-FV F/V preamp for WR300 Series 2-channel module
  • B-522 200 mm long length Z-fold unit
  • B-523 100 mm internal Z-fold unit
  • B-524 200 mm internal Z-fold unit
  • B-525-US DC power drive option, input 10-16V, 15A max
  • PR230 Roll paper, 100mm wide, 40m long (for WR300-4 only), 5-Pack
  • PZ230 Z-fold paper, 100mm wide, 40m long (for WR300-4 with the B523 option only), 5-Pack
  • PR231A Roll paper, 200mm wide, 40m long (for WR300-8, WR300-16, WR310-8, and WR310-16 only), 10-pack
  • PZ233 Z-fold paper,200mm wide, 40m long (for WR300-8/16 with the B-524 option only), 5-pack
  • PZ231A Z-fold paper,200mm wide, 100m long (for WR300-8/16 and WR310-8/16 with the B-522 option only), 5-pack
  • B-368 Head cleaner set (for the thermal printer)-contains liquid and sheets


  • Easy Operation
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Data Upload to Your PC
  • Wide 200 mm (8 inch) paper
  • Printed with ultimate clarity and precision

    Main Feature

  • Models available with 4, 8 or 16 input channels
  • 8.4" color LCD monitor for data display and the graphical user interface
  • Plug-in 2-channel WR3 series amplifiers adapt the system to a wide variety of input types and sensors.
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): dc to 50 kHz
  • 1 MSample internal memory PER CHANNEL is standard
  • Built-in 200mm (8") wide thermal array printer in the 8- and 16-ch models; 100 mm wide printer in the 4-ch model
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, and slot for flash memory cards
  • Performance, reliability and ease of use
  • Includes PC software for control, data transfer and conversion to popular formats


    OPS023 control/transfer/conversion software is included, so you can convert data captured to Excel or delimited ASCII format. Need more analysis power? FlexPro can open Graphtec data files natively, providing a powerhouse analytical capabilities with an Excel-like interface.




  • Additional pictures

    WR300 Paper


    GL500A midi Logger Dual

    GL450 midi Logger



    WR300 Right Side

    WR300 Z-Fold

    WR300 Rear

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