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Guardian 200 Wireless Socket Scanner

Wireless Socket Scanner 200 Amp Base. Electric Meter Base Recorder
Our new Guardian Recorder is designed for use in a 200A residential meter base with the existing revenue meter installed for service continuation. Using surface mount technology, we have included features never before available in such a recorder. In addition to RMS voltage and current in the 2SX+, Guardian comes standard with the ability to measure and record power factor, demand, phase angle, and harmonics to the 51st, all contained in an all-weather, self-contained, unit. New with this model is an optional internal cell modem allowing control of and data capture from the unit via cell phone.
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200 Amp Base Single Phase Recorder. Recorded data is downloaded to your PC or selected Palm PDA's via USB cable connection, Bluetooth, or cell phone (optional) using PMI software. With PMI's exclusive ProVision software, furnished with each recorder, the user can create graphs and reports from the captured Recorder data. Standard, as well as customized graphs, charts, and reports, are available in the software.

Options and Accessories
  • Guardian Cell Modem (replaces Bleutooth)


    WinScan ProVision is the latest release of PMI's popular WinScan power quality analytical software. It's designed to be as user-friendly as it is flexible in the way it stores, searches for, manages and reports real-time power quality data. With ProVision's integrated wireless communications features you can remotely initiate, schedule, download and manage multiple, real-time PQ recorders from within a single PC application. All recorder settings are viewable and configurable on your PC laptop, desktop, handheld PC, or select Palm platform PDAs. Once real-time and stored data are downloaded to your computer, ProVision gives you unprecedented control over the way they are viewed, managed and reported. You determine the way you want to search for and access your files. FLEXIBLE FILE MANAGEMENT.. WinScan ProVision places the tools you need to manage files and views at your fingertips - from an easy to navigate explorer bar to tool bars, shortcuts, and online technical support. Instead of exiting to the Windows operating system, you'll initiate and schedule multiple recorders, as well as download, save, search for and analyze PQ data - all from the same graphical console. CUSTOM ANALYTICAL REPORTS.. It's easy to change colors and font styles, increase or decrease the scale of the data and insert annotations on charts and graphs. You can even add your company logo to create a totally unique look for your reports.

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