Eagle Power Quality Kit

The PMI Eagle PQ Kit is a complete power quality (PQ) package.
You will receive our Eagle 440 and a set of 24" Ultra Slim Flex CTs (current probes are also available in 12", 36" and 48" lengths). The Eagle combines ten PQ measurement tools into one small, light, and easy-to-use unit. The Eagle memory (8 MB) gives room to store profiling information for a full year, and the super fast 122 kHz sampling rate makes sure that you will not miss a significant event. It also has differential inputs.
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Ultra Slim Flex CTs are multi-range, line-powered, and they will fit into locations inaccessible to standard hard CTs. The user selects the amperage range at time of hook-up, then all measurements are accurate to 1% of the chosen scale. The Eagle PQ Kit is contained in a high-impact plastic, foam-lined carrying case for easy access and trouble-free use.

Kit includes
  • Eagle 440 scanner
  • FCT-4/24 Ultra Slim flex CTs
  • Carrying case
  • ProVision software package


  • AC Voltage 0 to 600 VAC
  • AC Current 0 to 5000 amps
  • Sample Rate 15,360 samples per second/channel 256 samples per cycle

  • Voltage 2, 3, 4 channels
  • Current 2, 3, 4 channels

    Measured Quantities Per Cycle
  • RMS Voltage Volts
  • RMS Current Amps
  • Real Power Watts
  • Apparent Power VAs
  • Reactive Power VARs
  • Phase Angle Degrees
  • Power Factor Watts/VA
  • Displacement PF cos(phase angle)
  • Power Usage kWh, kVARh, kVAh

  • Voltage to the 51st
  • Current to the 51st
  • Measurements magnitude, phase, and THD
  • Waveform Capture Triggered (value set by operator)

  • Type, Standards Bluetooth Wireless technology, USB

    Information Storage
  • RAM 128K
  • DSP Waveform RAM up to 256K
  • TOTAL MEMORY 2.2 million readings

    Record Settings
  • Stripchart settings 1 cycle to 4 hours
  • Significant change 1V to 8V, in 1V steps
  • Flicker settings User-defined or standard

    Power Supply Requirements
  • Voltage 60-600VA Channel 1 to Common (47-63Hz)
  • Power Consumption 1.5 Watts max, 9VA max at 600VAC

  • Operating Temperature -30 C to +55 C (-22 F to 131 F)
  • Relative Humidity less than or equal to 85%
  • Shock 60Hz to 2KHz, acceleration 25G
  • Vibration 10Hz to 60 Hz, amplitude 1.8mm
  • Max Altitude 1.0km (6560 ft)
  • Case Protection IP65

  • Standards: UL 61010B-1, IEC 61010-1, 600V CAT III Pollution Degree 2 UL File No E249166

    Power Fail Operation
  • The device operates with no input voltage for more than 2 hours. This allows it to measure down to 0 volts on all channels during power outage periods.

    Physical Dimensions
  • Size 5.40" Length x 3.00 Width x 1.25" Height
  • Weight less than 1 lb.
  • Case NEMA 4X

    Options and Accessories
  • CTs: 36'' Cts in lieu of 24''
  • CTs: 48'' Cts in lieu of 24''

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