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KR-101 Refrigerator Model Training System

Learning operating principle of the refrigerator by joining refrigerator components from the front panel and use meters to observe the status of the components.


  • Plug-in connected easily and safely
  • Short cicuit protection
  • Temperature of each testing point can be measured
  • With ''Teacher'' and ''Student'' mode for the interaction of teaching and making experiment. (Option)

This KR-101 is made from actual Refrigerator and is ideal for showing its operation and funtion. Principle of operation may be demonstrated and basic servicing exercises can be conducted. From the process of operating KR-101, students are able to experience the variety of situations or problems to learn knowledge and skills to solve the problems that they meet. The original cabinets are supplied and many of key components have been relocated and laid out down the system for visualization. The four main parts of Basic Refrigeration process are easily understood ( Condenser, Evaporator, Compressor and Control Devices) and the Components are logically arranged. The system with Teacher and student mode can be interacted for teaching and making experiment.

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