Feedback 40-001, 40-002 Mechanical Transmission Trainer

Mechanical transmission systems are widely used in today's manufacturing industry.


  • Fully operational equipment covers a wide range of transmission systems
  • Genuine industrial components
  • Flexible configuration
  • Accompanying exercises and solutions

This training system has been designed to prepare a well-trained and multi-skilled workforce. Feedback's range of Mechatronics trainers adds a new and affordable dimension to the engineering training of those preparing for or working in these areas. The Mechatronics range of equipment has been developed by engineering trainers for engineering trainers and lecturers, with safety, ease-of-use and costeffectiveness as prime considerations. Portability and space efficiency have been carefully considered, too, as the range is available in different configurations to allow for transporting and stowage. Industry specification components are used throughout.


  • Improved quality of training
  • Cost effective system
  • Extensive number of exercises
  • Supplied ready for use

    Curriculum Coverage
  • Methods of connecting different shaft arrangements
  • Principles & characteristics of transmission systems
  • Materials used for transmission systems
  • Safety precautions relevant to transmission systems

  • Additional pictures

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