Feedback 36-014 to 017 Hydraulics - Portable.+.Transit/Storage

The range of trainers available have been developed to teach hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, proportional hydraulics and programmable logic control (PLC) of hydraulics. A choice is offered that ranges from large mobile systems to bench top portable units that operate with a range of hydraulic sets of components. Preparing students for further/higher education and entry into industry.


  • Modular, configurable design
  • Industry standard components
  • Spill-free, quick connectors
  • 65 Bar operating pressure
  • Very robust construction
  • Comprehensive curriculum & assignments


  • Essential for any Engineering training
  • Quick and easy circuit assembly, no tools
  • No system priming or bleeding required
  • Clean set-up and operation - no spills

Trainers 36-014 to 36-017 are ideally suited to multi-user activities where their compact design and portability makes them an ideal choice for local and remote training requirements. Although compact for bench top use they are ideally suitable for training two students or more at a time that can be easily accommodated around the circuit construction panel. For flexibility, Trainers consist of component sets and a choice of mounting /storage. Each Trainer is supplied with a hydraulics power pack and full curriculum, with comprehensive theory, practical assignments, questions and context.

Hydraulics Trainer 36-014- Level 1

The trainer is suited to the introduction of hydraulic components and circuits covering the range of exercises available with the level one components set.

Hydraulics Trainer 36-015 - Levels 1 & 2

This trainer with the same physical format as the 36-014 provides an additional set of exercises through the use of the Level 2 component set. With both Level 1 and 2 components a much wider course of study can be provided from the eleven exercises available with Level 1 to nineteen exercises with the addition of Level 2 components.

Electro-Hydraulics Trainer 36-016

The trainer format is illustrated on the previous page where some Electro- Hydraulic components (36-653) are shown mounted on the portable circuit construction panel. The trainer includes Electro-Hydraulics components Level 1 (36-653), Hydraulics Level 1 components (36-652), Portable Hydraulic Training System (36-650), component Transit cases (36-656 & 36-657) and a collection of exercises/ solutions and question and answer papers (36-812 & 36-814).

Proportional Hydraulics Trainer 36-017

A complete hydraulics training system, this trainer comprises the functionality of the two previous training systems covering Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulics and Proportional Hydraulics. The trainer comprises Hydraulics components Level 1 (36-652), Hydraulics Level 2 components (36-653), Electro-Hydraulics components (36-654) Portable Hydraulic Training System (36-650), component Transit/Storage cases (36-656, 36-657 & 36-658) and a collection of exercises/solutions and question and answer papers (36-812, 36-814 & 36-815).

Curriculum Exercises (For Level 1 components 36-652)
  • Pump performance test
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Direction control valves Reading the circuit diagram
  • Lift table Two position DCV
  • Hopper door control Three position DCV
  • Surface grinding traverse Differential (regenerative circuit)
  • Hydraulic crane Flow control
  • Straightening rollers Pressure reducing
  • Hydraulic press Piloted (2-stage) pressure relief
  • Rolling mill conveyor Motor control
  • Power winch Motor control


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