Feedback 36-004, 005 & 006 Pneumatics - Portable Trainers

The Feedback range of Mechatronics Tutor Kits has been specifically designed to give practical and in-depth knowledge of Pneumatics, Electro- Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Control (P.L.C.) and Hydraulics, preparing students for further/higher education and entry into industry.


  • Industrial components used throughout the product range
  • Industrially relevant training exercises
  • Portable storage case format
  • Robust Construction
  • System expansion possible
  • Comprehensive training materials

These trainers offer portability and a compact format making them ideal for multi-user class room activities as well as being transportable to other locations as and when necessary. When not in use the transit/storage case is easily stowed away requiring only the minimum amount of space, whilst in use the transit case lid becomes the circuit construction platform and the case base holds the pneumatic parts ready for assembly onto the construction panel.

Pneumatics Trainer 36-004

This is a complete trainer supplied with all the necessary components to carry out the wide range of application activities provided with the trainer. Each of the case parts is approximately 750mm by 600mm and therefore will require a bench area of at least 1500mm by 600mm not including a free area for books, recording results etc. Included with the trainer is a compact construction panel, large air compressor, heavy duty aluminium frame storage case housing level 1 set of pneumatic components and a collection of exercises including solutions.

Electro-Pneumatic Trainer 36-005

Packaged in the same way as the above trainer but with Level 1 electropneumatic components this trainer is a natural addition to the laboratory to introduce electrical control of pneumatic components. The trainer is complete with all components to carry out the wide range of exercises supplied with the package. A 24V/2.1A dc power supply, is included.

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Trainer 36-006

This comprehensive trainer providing training on both component types, offering a cost effective course delivery solution. The portable storage case with built in construction panel offers the flexibility to provide additional training needs as demand dictates. Supplied with a large air compressor, heavy duty aluminium frame storage case, Level 1 set of Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Components and a collection of exercises including solutions. A 24V/2.1A dc power supply, is included.

Exercise Applications
  • Assembly fixture
  • Date stamping a product
  • Bending fixture
  • Panel removal from a jig
  • Product separation
  • Foundry ladle control
  • Barrier control
  • Component test machine
  • Cold room door control
  • Roof ventilator control
  • Product sorting
  • Machine feed
  • Product cleansing
  • Plastic bag heat sealing
  • Hopper door control
  • Clamping fixture
  • Blister pack assembly
  • Conveyor selection
  • Lift and transfer station


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