Feedback 36-001, 002, 003 Pneumatics - Trolley Based Trainers

The Feedback range of Mechatronics Tutor Kits has been specifically designed to give practical and in-depth knowledge of Pneumatics, Electro- Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Control (P.L.C.) and Hydraulics, preparing students for further/higher education and entry into industry.


  • Double sided mobile trolley
  • Two full sized circuit construction panels
  • Two air compressors
  • Level 1 component set
  • Exercises and solutions material
  • Modular & Expandable system
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for dedicated laboratories requiring large circuit construction area

This range of trainers is ideally suited to laboratories dedicated to the subject of study. Based on a mobile trolley they occupy and require a larger area for operation than portable bench top alternatives. They are supplied complete with all hardware and courseware, requiring only the connection of a mains power supply.

Pneumatics Trainer 36-001

This trainer is an ideal laboratory resource providing the introductory training to the subject of pneumatic components and circuits. The trainer consists of a double sided mobile laboratory trolley, two compressors, a set of pneumatic components Level 1 and a collection of exercises.

Electro-Pneumatics Trainer 36-002

Introducing the control of pneumatic devices using electrical signalling the trainer extends the activity of the 36-001 to the application of such devices. The trainer consists of a double sided mobile trolley with two compressors, one set of electro-pneumatics components Level 1 and a collection of exercises including solutions. A 24V/2.1A dc power supply, is included.

Pneumatics & Electro-pneumatic Trainer 36-003

A combination of the above two trainers, the 36-003 offers a complete trainer dealing with the activities of both subjects areas. In addition to the mobile trolley complete with compressors, both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic Level 1 component sets are provided along with the collection of exercise and solutions. A 24V/2.1A dc power supply, is included.

Exercise Applications
  • Assembly fixture
  • Date stamping a product
  • Bending fixture
  • Panel removal from a jig
  • Product separation
  • Foundry ladle control
  • Barrier control
  • Component test machine
  • Cold room door control
  • Roof ventilator control
  • Product sorting
  • Machine feed
  • Product cleansing
  • Plastic bag heat sealing
  • Hopper door control
  • Clamping fixture
  • Blister pack assembly
  • Conveyor selection
  • Lift and transfer station

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