Feedback 35-014 Flexible Manufacturing System W4

It is possible to design, manufacture, document and program a custom work-cell to match your exact requirements.


  • Two independent processes
  • Fully operational FMS
  • Two Robots - SCARA and Arthropomorphic types
  • ISO format programming of milling machine
  • Supplied on a mobile table
  • Complete working system

This versatile system offers the opportunity to study the complexities of setting-up and programming two simultaneously operating workcells. The first system involves a handling and sorting process using a Mentor Robot and Conveyor 1. This system performs the process of gauging a part for tolerance on width and height as it travels down the conveyor towards the final set of part sensors. Once a part has reached this position the robot takes the part and places it into the appropriate bin positioned at the end of the conveyor. The choice of bin is determined by the dimensions recorded previously by the computer from the height and width gauges. The second process utilises a Serpent Robot, Conveyor 2 and a Cyber Mill. The Serpent is a SCARA device which moves the workpiece from the Conveyor to the Mill. The part is then machined. Finally, the Serpent is used to remove the finished part from the Mill and to place it in the parts bin. The part used is a plastic disc that has three layers, the central layer is a different colour to the outsides. Several discs are placed on Conveyor 2, they are moved until one is detected at the end of the conveyor. The Serpent Robot then picks up the part with a vacuum gripper and places it into the vice on the Cyber Mill. It can then be cut to the appropriate design. Once the milling process is complete the Serpent Robot picks-up the finished part and places it in a storage bin. The overall size of the table surface is 2,404 x 1,201mm with a height from the floor to the working surface of 710mm.


  • Provides CNC Mill training
  • Easy to use WALLI programming software
  • Programming examples provided
  • Software supports ISO G & M codes
  • Produces complete components
  • Comprehensive instruction manual including exercises

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