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Feedback 35-001-USB Complete Mentor Package

The Feedback range of Robotic and CNC trainers covers many of the techniques used in materials handling, machining processes and the manufacture, handling and assembly of components.


  • Temperature monitored in primary and secondary circuits, flow also monitored
  • Safe, low-cost, versatile, robust and reliable.
  • Self contained
  • All axes under closed loop servo control system
  • Five axes human arm configuration, plus gripper, used widely in industry
  • Built-in control system
  • Ready to run using hand controlled simulator
  • Easy to program using WALLI software
  • Robust metal construction with an arm reach in excess of 400mm
  • Can lift 1Kg at full reach
  • Maximum base to gripper height 780mm fully extended
  • The built-in control system makes an easy-to-handle, desk-top training system thats ready to run
  • Students can be left alone to experiment and learn.

The Mentor is a stand-alone bench-top robot ideal for studying the principles behind ‘Robotics’ with a requirement for knowledge of electronics, mechanics and software engineering. The Mentor is an anthropomorphic robot, having six degrees of freedom including the gripper. dc motors drive the main axes, each axis position being controlled through the use of a closed loop control system, and the axes collectively define the position of the gripper in space. The in-built individual axis controllers constantly monitor the gripper position and hold the position until a new move command is received. This articulated arm is similar to the human arm and is widely used in industry. Programming may be written by direct data entry for each axis using WALLI for windows software, or by incrementing the axes by selecting them and using the + and - keys or the scroll bar. A more simplified approach is to use the Mentor simulator which is a handsized version of the robot arm with moveable main joints. Alternatively, the robot’s motors may be switched off and the arm moved by hand (lead-by-nose). Easy-to-use software, a helpful manual , on-screen assistance and simulator enable the robot to be unpacked and running programs within minutes. The manual includes program examples and suggested robot experiments on accuracy, repeatability etc. Full information about the control systems is also provided. To extend the program of Robotic study into applications, a Basic Workcell(35-119) is recommended. The items supplied in the workcell are: workpieces, conveyor, horizontal gauge and infra-red sensors.


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