KL-500 Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics Trainer

To train technicians to be able to install and maintain elctronic equipment becomes important nowadays.


  • Individual learning consisting in the theoretical study and practical exercises.
  • Use of industrial type components, devices and circuits.

A good technician should always follow state-of-the-art technology and rapid innovation of new products. Our system has been designed to satisfy the technical education-al demand. In fact, KL-500 is adapted to theoretical and practical courses for studying power electronics and industrial electronics trainer.

  • Power Supply Unit Experiment
  • UJT Experiments
  • PUT Experiments
  • PUT & SCR Experiments
  • SCS Experiment
  • UJT & PUT Trigger SCR Experiments
  • SCR Control DC Motor & DIAC, TRIAC
  • Automatic Control Lamp & TRIAC Control Speed Experiments
  • Temperature Ratio & Photo-Couple & Touch Control Experiments
  • Over /Under Voltage Breaker & Flasher Control Experiments
  • TRIAC Liquid Level & IC Timer Switch Experiments
  • Digital Signal Driver & Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments
  • Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments
  • SCR Converter Experiment
  • SCR Rectifier Experiment
  • JFET/MOSFET Characteristic & MOSFET Speed Control Experiment
  • IGBT Characteristic & IGBT Speed Control Experiment
  • Accessories (KL-59001)

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