GFC-1300 DMFC Education & Training System

K&H Green Energy Equipment


  • SMBus protocol for connecting multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Real-time displaying and logging for the data of DMFC parameters, fuel-cell voltage, liquid level and temperatures of fuel cell and power-generating module.
  • Parameters access and control by PC software via USB interface.
  • MS Windows-based software is adopted.

    GFC-1300 is the best experimental platform for training and studying. Various basic applications for fuel cell are provided, which are based on plug & play Flexible channels for analog inputs & digital outputs

    Nowadays the fuel cell technology is making a great progress in developments and related applications so that various fuel cell based apparatuses and applications are launched out on the market increasingly. The fuel cell has following advantages : high efficiency, eco friendly, low noise and vibration, and portability.

    GFC-1300 is an apparatus that directly produces electricity via chemical reaction in methanol solution. The operating parameters of GFC-1300 are adjustable to allow trainees to learn the operating concept of DMFC via hands on practices.

  • Hydration process
  • Activation process
  • I-V curve
  • Methanol concentration
  • Methanol temperature
  • Methanol flow rate

  • Direct methanol fuel cell (4 cells)
  • Silicone tube

  • Methanol purity : 99.9%
  • Deionized water resistance : ≥13M
  • Personal computer
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