Feedback PV75-100 Photovoltaic Principles Trainer

Usage in both domestic and commercial applications.


  • Enables investigation of different PV technologies
  • Light source emulates realistic levels of solar illumination
  • Suitable for undergraduate and research projects
  • Discovery software including virtual instrumentation and support material
  • Series and parallel connection methods compared
  • Applications board includes ac inverter and load Subject Areas

    The buzz surrounding photovoltaic power generation is increasing as it becomes universally accepted as a viable alternative source of electrical power. With increasing usage in both domestic and commercial applications, the need to fully understand and exploit the technology grows ever more. Feedback have addressed this area of technology with the PV 75-100 Photovoltaic Principles product which allows students to get to the core of the topic.

    By using Discovery courseware, the subject is broken down into a series of ''concepts'' that the student can complete by following a series of assignments, using the on-screen instrumentation. The PV 75-100 is a standalone, self-contained unit that emulates illumination levels of the sun within its enclosure. This allows the student to conduct experiments with different types of PV panels using the light source as a means of characterising their performance. Furthermore, the applications board demonstrates how generated power can be put to practical use. This can be in the form of applying it directly to a load, electronic power conversion or energy storage.

    The PV 75-100 forms part of Feedback's Re|energy series, allowing students and academics to cover the principles of the technology whilst in the laboratory

  • Open circuit voltage and short circuit current.
  • Cells in series and parallel.
  • Maximum power point with resistive load at constant illumination.
  • Maximum power point with varying illumination and plotting of MPP curve.
  • Effects of temperature on cell output.
  • Amorphous and mono-crystalline cells.
  • Effects of shading and physical layout.
  • Function of bypass diodes.
  • Solar day simulation
  • Discovery Software

    Feedback Discovery software provides a unique learning experience that encompasses virtual instrumentation, clear student instruction and a library of background material that supports the student through the assignments. The on-screen instructions prompt the student to configure the hardware for the practical assignments and then guide the student through the experiment process.

    By combining instruments within the Discovery environment, this removes the need to have separate instruments that may clutter the working environment. Discovery includes the following instruments: oscilloscope, frequency meter, data-logger, frequency meter and function generator. Discovery is a Windows based package requiring either Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.

    Discovery Software Features
  • On-screen instrumentation
  • Supporting reference sections
  • Step-by-step student instruction
  • Configurable working environment
  • Option available to author and edit assignments
  • Results can be saved for future reference
  • Additional pictures

    PV carrier board inserted into solar lamp box

    PV applications board

    Solar Panel

    Feedback Discovery software

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