Understanding Electronics

The National Instruments ELVIS II/II+ console provides the platform for the 12-300 series, also supplying power and signal acquisition.

Features (12-300 Series Workboards)

  • Suitable for a wide range of courses
  • Hands-on practical work
  • Pre-constructed circuit elements for rapid configuration
  • Through-hole and surface mount components
  • Complete with all teaching material
  • Instrumentation integrated with assignments
  • Uses NI Elvis console
The 12-300 series is a set of workboards that provides hands-on teaching of basic electricity, magnetism and electronics.

Each board covers a different subject area and contains pre-constructed circuit elements that may be connected in different ways to perform the teaching assignments. The front panels have mimic diagrams so the location, physical appearance and function of each component is clear.

The boards connect to the NI ELVIS console which provides power and signal acquisition. Teaching material and pc based instrumentation are delivered by Discovery software.

Curriculum coverage ranges from the concepts of voltage and current in dc circuits, continues through ac theory and then onto semiconductor devices and their applications. At each step background material and theory are provided where appropriate. The use of mathematics is minimised as far as practicable.

Each assignment contains up to four practical exercises which have detailed setup diagrams and step by step instructions to achieve reliable results.

The instrumentation is pre-configured so students are able to concentrate on understanding the concepts but are then able to change settings as part of a practical exercise. The instruments include oscilloscope, DMM, function generator, spectrum analyser, phase-meter and gain phase analyser.

The exercises include familiarisation with the characteristics and application of instrumentation.

Discovery Software

Discovery software provides a flexible and versatile learning environment where students can use the available resources in ways that are most suitable for them. This makes the 12-300 series suitable for a wide range of courses including degree foundation and vocational learning.

Discovery Tools (optional) gives lecturers the means to edit existing assignments as well as author new ones.

Feedback 12-300 Series Workboards


Feedback 12-301

DC Basics and AC Basics

Feedback 12-302

AC Resonant Circuits and Filters

Feedback 12-303

Magnetic Devices

Feedback 12-304

Semiconductors 1

Feedback 12-305

Semiconductors 2

Feedback 12-306

Semiconductors 3

Feedback 12-307

Basic Logic Circuits

Feedback 12-308

Combinational Logic

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    Teaching content delivery

    Feedback interactive Discovery software,

    12-308 Combinational Logic

    12-307 Basic Logic Circuits

    12-306 Semiconductors 3

    12-305 Semiconductors 2

    12-304 Semiconductors 1

    12-303 Magnetic Devices

    12-302 AC Resonant Circuits and Filters

    12-301 DC & AC Basics

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