Feedback 38-023 Process Instrumentation Trainer

Modern control devices and sensors are becoming increasingly complex and functionally very powerful.


  • Totally self contained with all power supplies and fluid sources
  • Industrial control devices and sensors
  • PC programmable devices
  • Modular and versatile
  • Allows calibration and testing of process transmitters
  • 4-20mA current loops
  • Mobile wheeled trolley
  • Fully developed curriculum
  • PID controller

Modern process devices are becoming increasingly complex and functionally very powerful.

To expose students to these devices and give them experience in the selection and utilisation of them Feedback has designed this Process Instrumentation Trainer.

The sensors, actuators and PC programmable devices are all typical industrial units. The training system has been specifically designed to give students hands-on experience of setting-up, calibration & use of such devices.

The knowledge gained through the studies of these devices is extended to their application in process control through the use of a dual PID controller 38-541-PC.

One of the main features of the controller is that it operates with a PC and provides system graphing functions, such that responses to system disturbances and parameter changes can be observed. Data from the system responses, parameter settings etc., is available for export to spreadsheet programs.

Based on a mobile trolley that incorporates all electrical, water (including a water heater) and air controls, the system provides a totally self-contained unit.

The punched front panel provides a construction area that allows devices to be fixed to it via a series of keyhole slots. The instrumentation devices are mounted on robust carriers that allow them to be located and locked onto the front panel.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Familiarisation
  • 4-20mA Current Loops
  • 4-20mA Programmable display
  • Capacitive Level Sensor and Transmitter
  • Temperature Sensors and Transmitter
  • Flow Meter and Pulse Flow Sensor
  • Introduction to Control Valves
  • Pressure Devices
  • Current to Pressure (I-P) Converter
  • The Orifice Block
  • Universal Transmitter
  • Process Controller

  • Additional pictures

    Universal Transmitter 38-541-UT

    Temperature Transmitter 38-541-TT

    Temperature Probes 38-541-TP

    Solenoid Valve 38-541-SV

    Pulse Flow Sensor 38-541-PFS

    Programming Equipment 38-541-PE

    Programmable Display 38-541-PD

    Pressure Transmitters 38-541-PT

    Pressure Gauge 38-541-PG

    Orifice Block 38-541-OB

    Manual Valve 38-541-MV

    Level Probe 38-541-LP

    Frequency Transmitter 38-541-FT

    Flowmeter 38-541-FM

    Current-Pressure Converter 38-541-CPC

    Current Loop Resistor 38-541-CLR

    38-541-PC Process Controller

    33-005 Digital Pendulum Control System

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