The Benchmark WiCOMM-T - the ultimate Wireless Digital Communication Training Platform - is the actual implementation of modern digital communication systems with direct interface to MATLAB through the Hi-Speed USB port of a PC.
  • Features

  • Typical implementation of modern communication systems
  • Interface with MATLAB
  • Gives the ability to generate required signal and pass it through the transmitter and receiver providing a real life wireless digital communication system
  • Comprehensive manual - describes wide range of experiments
  • Loop back options at Baseband and at IF


Digital modulation techniques provide more information carrying capacity, better quality communication, data security and RF spectrum sharing to accommodate more services when compared to analog modulation. All modern communication systems and gadgets today use various forms of digital modulation techniques, such as PSK, MSK, QAM as well as multiplexing techniques such as TDMA and CDMA, to pack more in the available RF bandwidth.

Digital modulations are often expressed in terms of I (in-phase) and Q (quadrature) signals, and all modern digital communication systems and gadgets have three main blocks namely:

  • Data processing block
  • ADC and DAC conversion block
  • RF block

    All the blocks process the I and Q signals simultaneously, leading to the use of complex algebra and analysis in their design and implementation. This standardized and uniform approach in building digital communication systems or gadgets results in lower cost of development and manufacturing. The focus is also turned towards adding more features and bringing in more techniques within the available RF spectrum.

Experiment Topics

Baseband Digital Communication Link (Baseband)
  • Raised Cosine spectrum pulses
  • Timing acquisition algorithm
  • Clock tracking & slip control
  • Matched ltering - performance in noise
Quadrature Modulation Schemes (Baseband & IF)
  • QPSK (Phase and frequency oset)
  • Constellation plots
  • Carrier recovery algorithm
  • Carrier and Clock Tracking
Adaptive Equalization Techniques (Baseband & IF)abilities
  • Adaptive linear equaliser
  • Adaptive decision feedback equaliser
  • MSE convergence
  • Decision aided channel tracking
GSM (Baseband)
  • GMSK modulation and demodulation
  • Viterbi equaliser for GSM
Basics of DS-CDMA (Baseband & IF)
  • Orthogonal and non-orthogonal spreading codes
  • Multipath channel estimation for RAKE receiver
  • SER performance of RAKE combiner
Basics of OFDM (Baseband & IF)
  • Timing and Frequency synchronisation
  • Channel estimation using FFT processing
  • Channel estimation using modied LS
  • Mean Square Error Performance

Additional pictures


Baseband Digital Communication Link

Quadrature Modulation Schemes

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