FM Radio Systems Trainer

The FM receiver circuits operate over a range of 88-108MHz and the generator provides a fixed output frequency of 100MHz with a 19kHz pilot tone.


  • Covers the principles of FM radio signal generation and reception
  • Stereo transmission and reception
  • Extensive use of monitoring points for signal tracing
  • Switched faults on both boards

The generator output is only a few milliwatts, so the range of transmission is extremely limited. The receiver operates on an IF frequency of 10.7MHz in stereo or mono mode and may also be used with an external antenna to receive normal broadcast and amateur signals. Switched faults can be introduced on both generator and receiver units. Fault options include Multiplex, Pilot tone and Mute errors; power for tuner, audio and demodulator, forces tuning volts to zero and high-gain AFC loops locking to a signal.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Familiarisation with FM multiplex stereo transmission and reception
  • Frequency modulation
  • Stereo multiplex encoding, pre-emphasis, pilot tones and sub-carriers
  • FM reception, filtering, limiting and AFC
  • FM demodulation
  • Stereo multiplex decoding, de-emphasis and audio amplification
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    AM2961 AM Radio Systems Trainer

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