KL-920 Advanced Digital Communication system

The KL-920 is implemented with high speed MCU, DSP and high flexible FPGA devices, giving students more opportunities to setup and observe digital data signals at each transmission stage.

Learning topics include ASK / FSK transmission in wireless ISM band, FEC codec technique (block code and convolution code), digital data formatting (Preamble, ID, FEC and CRC),Manchester coding, SONET transportation frame (STS-1 and STM-1), TDMA, PCM, TDM, DSSS, CDMA, Digital filter, etc

    Specifications (KL-96001 Main unit)

  • Dual function generators
  • V/F Converter
  • Adjustable DC power supply
  • Fixed DC power supply
  • Universal frequency/period counter


KL-96001 Main Unit

KL-96021 ISMASK/FSK Transceiver & Digital Data Encoder.

KL-96022 ISMASK/FSK Transceiver & Digital Data Decoder

KL-96023 ID Code FEC(Block Code) Manchester Data Encoder

KL-96024 ID Code/ FEC(Block Code) / Manchester Data Decoder

KL-96025 ID Code/ FEC(Convolution) Manchester Data Encoder

KL-96026 ID Code/ FEC(Viterbi) /Manchester Data Decoder CR

KL-96027 ISMFSK/Manchester/ ID Code/FEC/CRC/Transceiver

KL-96028 SONET TDMA-STS1 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

KL-96029 SONET TDMA-STM1 Data Encoder

KL-96030 SONET TDMA-STM1 Data Decoder


KL-96032 DSSS/CDMAEncoder & Decoder

KL-96033 PCM-TDM-Compander Modulation/Demodulation

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