KL-910 Advanced Communication system

KL-910 offers users not only the comprehensive experiments of advanced communication system but also various peripherals including analog/digital function generator, frequency meter, and V-F converter, etc. All of the experiments are carried out appropriately with the help of oscilloscope spectrum analyzer and logic analyzer.

    Specifications (KL-96001 Main unit)

  • Dual function generators
  • V/F Converter
  • Adjustable DC power supply
  • Fixed DC power supply
  • Universal frequency/period counter

The KL-910 is a modular trainer with various advanced communication experiments, including digital encoding/decoding, modulation/demodulation and related multiplexing techniques, developed for bridging the gap between the theory and the practice of the modern communication system.


1. Main Unit (KL-96001)

2. Clock / Data & Noise Generator (KL-96002)

3. Line-Code Encoder & Decoder (KL-96003)

4. Delta/Sigma/Adaptive Modulation & Demodulation (KL-96004)

5. QPSK Modulation & QPSK Demodulation (KL-96005)

6. DTMF Generator & Decoder/Controller (KL-96006)

7. Multi-Function Process Module(A) (KL-96007)/Multi-Function Process Module(B) (KL-96008)

8. Time-Division Multiplexing(TDM)/Pulse-Amplitude/Modulation(PAM) (KL-93006)

9. Frequency Division Multiplexing (KL-93007)

10. Freq. converter, Carrier Freq. Recovery and Manchester Clock Regeneration (KL-93008)

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