PE-5000 Power Electronics Training System

K & H Educational Products

    Electrical Machine and Power Electronic

Basic Measurement and Characteristic of SCR, TRIAC
  • Operation of R.M.S. meter and measurement of three-phase voltage
  • Operation of storage oscilloscope and differential amplifier
  • Measurement and characteristic of SCR
  • Measurement and characteristic of TRIAC

    Single/Three-Phase Rectify and Phase Control (AC→DC、AC→AC)
  • Single-phase half-wave uncontrolled rectifier (Half-wave rectify)
  • Single-phase full-wave uncontrolled rectifier (Full-wave rectify)
  • Operation of reference variable generator and three phase angle controller
  • Operation of voltage/current to measuring transducer
  • Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier (Half-wave controlled rectifier)
  • Single-phase full-wave controlled rectifier
  • Single-phase full-wave semi- symmetric -controlled rectifier (Symmetric)
  • Single-phase full-wave semi- asymmetric -controlled rectifier (Asymmetric)
  • Single-phase semi-controlled AC regulator
  • Single-phase full-controlled AC regulator
  • Three-phase half-wave uncontrolled rectifier
  • Three-phase full-wave uncontrolled rectifier
  • Three-phase half-wave controlled rectifier
  • Three-phase full-wave semi-controlled rectifier
  • Three-phase full-wave full-controlled rectifier
  • Three-phase full-wave semi-controlled AC regulator
  • Three-phase full-wave full-controlled AC regulator

    DC Chopper Circuit and Characteristic of IGBT (DC→DC)
  • Measurement and characteristic of IGBT
  • Basic description of DC chopper
  • Single quadrant DC chopper
  • Two quadrant DC chopper
  • Four quadrant DC chopper

    Single/Three-Phase Frequency Converter (AC→DC→AC)
  • Basic description and principle of frequency converter
  • Single-phase PWM controller circuit
  • Single-phase frequency converter
  • Analysis of Three-phase PWM controller circuit
  • Three-phase PWM controller circuit
  • Three-phase frequency converter

    Switching Power Supply Circuit and Characteristic of MOSFET (DC→DC)
  • Measurement and characteristic of MOSFET
  • Buck switching power supply
  • Boost switching power supply
  • Buck-boost switching power supply
  • Fly-back switching power supply

    Electronic Ballast Circuit (AC→AC)

  • DC Power Supply (+/-15V/2A) (PE-5310-1A)
  • DC Power Supply ( 0-40V/3A,0-20V/6A) (PE-5310-1B)
  • Reference Variable Generator (PE-5310-2A)
  • Differential Amplifier (PE-5310-2B)
  • Current Transducer (PE-5310-2C)
  • Three Phase angle Controller (PE-5310-2D)
  • R.M.S. Meter (PE-5310-3A)
  • Power Meter (0.3W-30KW) (PE-5310-3B)
  • Resistor Load Unit (PE-5310-3C)
  • Resistor Load (PE-5310-3D)
  • Inductive Load Unit (PE-5310-3E)
  • Flyback Switching Power Supply (PE-5310-4A)
  • Boost Switching Power Supply Unit (PE-5310-4B)
  • Buck Switching Power Supply (PE-5310-4C)
  • Buck-Boost Switching Power Supply Unit (PE-5310-4D)
  • Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Lamp Unit (PE-5310-4E)17. IGBT Drive Set (PE-5310-4F)
  • DC PWM Generator (PE-5310-4G)
  • Single Phase PWM Controller (PE-5310-4H)
  • Three Phase PWM Controller (PE-5310-4I)
  • Three Phase Rectifier & Filter (PE-5310-4J)
  • Universal Inverter 3x230V (PE-5310-4K)
  • Power Diode Set (PE-5310-5A)
  • Fuse Set (PE-5310-5B)
  • Thyristor (800V/10A) (PE-5310-5C)
  • SCR/TRIAC Set (PE-5310-5D)
  • MOSFET / IGBT Set (PE-5310-5E)
  • Magnetic Powder Brake Unit (EM-3320-1A)
  • Powder Brake Controller Unit (EM-3320-1N)
  • DC Shunt Wound Machine (EM-3330-1D)
  • Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Machine (EM-3330-3C)
  • Isolating Transformer (PE-5340-3A)
  • Experimental Frame (EM-3380-2B)
  • Coupling (EM-3390-2A)
  • Coupling Guard (EM-3390-2B)
  • Shaft and Guard (EM-3390-2C)
  • Connecting Leads (EM-3390-3A)
  • Safety Bridging Plugs Set (EM-3390-4A)
  • Laboratory Table (Option) (EM-3380-1A)
  • Holder for Connecting Leads (Option) (EM-3390-1A)
  • Additional pictures

    Cutaway models of electrical machines

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