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Feedback 70-005 dc Motor Control Trainer

This Trainer comprises a Firing & Bridges panel, a Motor Control Circuits panel, a Three Phase Supply Panel, SCR & Diodes Panel, and dc motor, instrumentation, etc. to enable the study of the principles of Single and Three Phase thyristor circuits and their application in the control of dc motors.


  • Single Phase Half Wave Simple Motor Control
  • The dc Shunt Motor
  • Equations of the dc Motor
  • Speed versus armature voltage
  • Speed versus applied torque
  • Single Phase Full Wave Simple Motor Control
  • Speed versus armature voltage
  • Speed versus applied torque
  • Closed Loop Proportional Control
  • Proportional Speed Control using Armature Voltage Feedback
  • Proportional Speed with Armature Voltage and IR Compensation
  • Proportional Speed Control with Integral Compensation
  • Transient Behaviour
  • Current Limiting Control
  • Four Quadrant Control
  • Advanced Four Quadrant Control
  • Power Inversion
  • Friction Brake

The dc Motor Control Trainer deals with the motor characteristics and parameters in single and three phase thyristor circuits. Motor speed and current control circuits may be investigated with various types of feedback, including armature voltage, armature current, tachogenerator and a combination of voltage and current, PI controllers. Four quadrant control can be implemented for continuous and discontinuous current operation in single and three phase circuits.

Curriculum Coverage

  • Basic Firing Circuits
  • firing circuit requirements
  • Basic Motor Control
  • Single Phase half and full wave, controlled bridge
  • Three Phase half and full wave, controlled bridge
  • Advanced Firing Circuits
  • thyristor phasing
  • multipurpose firing circuits
  • Advanced Motor Control
  • feedback measurement
  • Full wave controlled bridge with speed feedback
  • PI control
  • Full wave controlled bridge with armature voltage feedback and/or current feedback
  • Full wave controlled bridge with tachogenerator/feedback
  • Four Quadrant Control
  • Dual converter - Single Phase
  • Dual converter - Three Phase
  • Converter selection by error signal
  • Continuous & discontinuous current operation
  • Bi-directional speed & current control
  • Bi-directional control time behaviour
  • Regenerative braking
  • Effects of inertia on system performance
  • Additional pictures



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