CIC-910A PSoC Training Lab


  • CIC-910A adopts Cypress chip Cy8c27443 (28 pins) powerful Harvard architecture processor with following specialized features:
  • (1) M8C processor speed up to 24 MHz
  • (2) Providing 12 Analog and 8 digital PSoC blocks
  • (3) 16K Bytes flash program storage with 50,000 erase/write cycles
  • (4) 256 Bytes SRAM data storage
  • (5) Making good trade-offs between price and performance
  • Providing various I/Os (keypad, servo motor, LCD display, Infrared Transceiver, etc) for versatile experiments and reserving additional pins for self-exercise and advanced designs.
  • The experiments utilize most of the PSoC function blocks for the exercise, giving users opportunity to design analog, digital or mixed signal applications.
  • I/O components are selected by 8-bit / 4-bit jumpers, easy for operating and performing the experiment.
  • Circuit board and PSoC chip is secured in plastic housing, preventing of being damaged.

Simple, Easy, Fast, and Fun PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip) is one of the most innovative technologies nowadays. Instead of selecting a traditional MCU with fixed peripherals, or designing a circuit with discrete analog and digital components, the designer can select a single off-the-shelf PSoC on a complete project for mixed-signal applications. Additionally, the unique ability to generate the exact peripheral components and the features of programmable interconnect and reuse of on-chip resources not only lowers the cost of materials, but also reduces the design cycle and the inventory risky. K&H realized the highly demand of the PSoC training facility in the educational market and designed CIC-910A PSoC Training Lab to meet this need. The introduced CIC- 910A Training Course focuses on digital /analog system integration specification in order to bridge the gap between these design worlds and to provide a step in educating system architects for realizing mixed-signal SoCs. The training lab helps users to understand PSoC operating theory and PSoC application design flow. With various I/O peripherals and versatile experiments, users are able to learn PSoC programming and hardware implementation in a very efficient way.

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