CIC-310 CPLD/FPGA Digital Circuits Development System


  • CPLD (8 K/10 K) download board (84 pin), I/O port above 100 points.
  • The I/O experiments board.
  • MAX+PLUS II V10.1 development software. (student version)
  • Download program for management and on-line (ISP) burning software.
  • Operational manual for development.

  • ISP multi-circuits architecture and repeated burning: With serial SCI and IIC SEEPROM, we adopt ISP to burn multi-circuits architecture on board directly, and did not spend any money to buy burning device.
  • The CPLD has included more than (6,000/10,000) gate count, and its interior circuits use the SRAM cells architecture. Therefore its speed has reached several hundred MHz, and can arbitrarily program to change the circuits.
  • Have the data compression and decompression function, and can repeat to burn above ten thousand times, and can store a number circuits architecture at the same time in SEEPROM, depend on your circuits size.
  • The connecting pins of CPLD/FPGA chip could arbitrarily set, and the input/output port need not use the single wire to be connected for signal output in order to avoid the experimental mistake to destroy the main board.
  • Adopt three 40 PIN socket with ejector latches to be connected with digital circuits experiment board.
  • Could replace the download board according to user requirement: Altera (EPF-8000/10 K)
  • Could use RS-232 ports to download and burn the circuits configure.
  • 84 pin download board has 64 KB memory, and could expand to 256 KB memory.

  • The development design of combinational logic circuits
  • The development design of the flip-flop
  • The development design and application of counter
  • The development design and application of arithmetic circuits and ALU
  • The development design and application of shift registers
  • The development design and application of frequency synthesizes and multiplier
  • The development design and application of the encoder and decoder
  • Experiment of LED 5x7 dot matrix display
  • Experiment of 4x4 keypad of matrixes
  • Experiment of Alpha-Numeric LED display
  • Additional pictures

    CPLD 84PIN




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