KL-310 Digitized Logic Trainer

The KL-310 Digitized Logic Trainer is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in digital logic experiments.


  • The trainer design by full CPLD/FPGA logic circuit.
  • Suitable for combined logic, sequential logic and microprocessor circuits designing and experiments.
  • Ideal tool for learning the basics of digital logic circuits and IC design courses.
  • With OP Amp can make the different kinds of ADC & DAC converter circuits experiment.
  • Comprehensive power, signal source 8 channel multiplexer and display unit to do the real-time measurement and analysis the multi-signal for improve the experiment effect.
  • Use the optional univesal expanding module for CPLD/FPGA download experiment.
  • Each Module have a power socket for linking to a main unit, and can be making the experiment individally.
  • Provide many kinds of ''Poject Application Modules'' for appication use.

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