K&H PLC-100 PLC Trainer

The use of PLCs in today's automated production lines improves system reliability, product quality, information sharing, efficiency and flexibility and thus reduces costs.


  • Input-simulation switches with level and pulse input functions for the requirements of different input signal.
  • Output Relay's installation helps to increase load current.
  • Easy-to-use windows-based development software.
  • Equipped with various periferal devices and other devices that can support external extensions, particularly suited for laboratory experiment and project implementation.
  • Equipped with various simulations I/O devices for the convenience of studying and observing the results.
  • Use 4mm safety sockets Input/Output terminals to ensure the physical safety of users.
  • Easy to carry, move and store with a suitcase design.
  • Source mode (standard) or sink mode (option) determined upon request.

PLC-100 is a self-contained trainer wich consists of a FATEK PLC main unit,I/O devices for simulation, and I/O devices that are commonly used. The trainer enables students to learn step by step from the basic fundamentale of PLC to more advanced controls used in industry.

  • 1 USB cable
  • Connector leads set
  • Power cord
  • Experimental manual
  • User's Manual
  • Software CD


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