34-150-1 Elevator PLC Application


The Elevator is an advanced plc application used to illustrate the principles of PLC interfacing and control based on a real life application.

Starting with simple programme sequences to control elevator speed, direction and floor arrival/departure, the student can progress to more advanced floor request handling. The elevator car moves between floors in response to requests from call buttons at each floor and within the elevator car (located on an external panel).

Sensors indicate which floor the elevator car is at and provide advance warning to allow the car to be slowed prior to arriving at the destination floor. A brake allows the car to be held at a floor while the motorised car door is operated to allow occupants to enter or leave and a sounder is provided to announce arrival.

The internal controller provides closed-loop motor speed control using logic interfaces. The elevator is controlled by a PLC with a minimum of 16 sink inputs and 16 dc source or relay outputs.


  • Fully working model of an elevator with four floors
  • Floor sensing and visual indication of direction of travel
  • Motorised elevator car door
  • Normally on brake to hold car at desired floor
  • Up/down call buttons on each floor
  • Front panel manual switch for testing and debugging
  • Integral motor servo controller with mechanical brake
  • Interfaces with most PLC types
  • Switchable faults

Subject Area

  • Fundamentals of Logic
  • PLC Programming
  • Developing Ladder Logic Programmes
  • Basic and Advanced Sequence Control
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