GFC-2000 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Testing Platform


  • Fully open structure is available for replacement of components as see fit
  • Modularized design facilitates testing and tuning the performance characteristics of the SoC Direct Methanol fuel Cell Stack and components within the fuel cell system
  • Data collection function permits for repeated testing on the parameters, i. e. output current, output voltage, output power, temperature, resistance, fuel concentration level, and lifetime test
  • Allows to establish a research and development platform with the DMFC

GFC-2000 is an essential tool for scientific and technical institution of higher learning to gain insight and knowledge in to fuel cell technology. It explains the basic principles and application knowledge of fuel cell clearly such as the structure and function principle of a fuel cell, the thermo/dynamics, the water management, the characteristic curve and efficiencies, and the system components and power electronics. With module design, users can configure different element of a system to monitor, and then measure its change while operation simulation.

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