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KR-115 Freezing Circuit Model


  • Isolated switch and indicator on the compressor to clearly show the current condition of the compressor
  • Special 4-way valve enables switching between evaporator and condenser by adjusting cooling/heating and hand valve to do Heat Pump Experiment
  • Heating pump lamp to indicate the condition of the Heat Pump
  • Four-range wind speed adjustment to experiment the change of the system due to different heat exchange
  • Three selenoid valves provide 3 types of expansion including Capillary, Thermal expansion valve, and pressure expansion valve
  • Six sight glasses to fully observe the change of the refrigerant when running the whole system
  • Refrigerant receiver and by-pass circle to be selected for different functionalities and purpose of experiments
  • High pressure and low pressure protection to ensure the safety of the system and prolong the lifespan of the compressor
  • Service valve provides convenience in system processing and fault simulation
Features (continued)
  • The system provides various selections such as an expansion types, load, etc. to train students to have expertise in refrigerator system and heat pump system
  • Students can use the data to calculate for the most optimistic performance of the system
  • Fault simulation and Trouble shooting experiments to equip students with the related capacity

  • Knowing Basic Refrigerator Components
  • Components of Refrigerant Piping System Experiment
  • Theory of Refrigerator Operation
  • Reverse of Refrigerator System and Heat Pump System
  • Refrigerator System Experiment
    a. Capillary
    b. Pressure Expansion Valve
    c. Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Heat Pump System Experiment
  • Fault Simulation and Trouble Shooting Experiment of Refrigerator System
  • Fault Simulation and Trouble Shooting Experiment of Heat Pump System

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