MTS-51 8051 Microcomputer Trainer/MTS-52 ICE


  • With the ISP and IAP functions of Philips's P89C51RD+ /P89C51RD2 control chip, the program codes are able to download to flash memory through series port interface, showing the results at real time
  • Built-in power switch, no adaptor required Input power spec: AC 110V / 220V, 50 / 60 HZ Output power spec: 12V/3A 5V/3A
  • Reserving external connect pins for advanced experiments
  • Plenty of experiments to do various basic I/O control applications
  • The single chip of the trainer can be replaced by INTEL's 8751/52 series (without ISP function) and ATMEL'sAT89C51/52 series (with ISP function)
  • MTS-51 trainer is a training equipment for learning basic control applications with 8051 microcontroller. With various common I/O components and experiments, users are able to learn the 8051 control implementation efficiently
  • LED display control
  • Dot Matrix LED Control
  • Step Motor Control
  • Input Port Expansion
  • Pulse Counter
  • Speaker Control
  • Serial Communications
  • 7-Segment Display Control
  • Matrix Keyboard Control
  • Output Port Expansion
  • Photo Interrupter Control
  • Timer/Counter
  • LCM Display Control
  • Additional pictures


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