LV-100 LabVIEW I/O Interface Trainer


  • Understanding and implement of the parallel port control
  • Parallel port address setting and control
  • LabVIEW reads input from the parallel port
  • Control of the Input/Output of parallel port
  • Understand of the serial port and I/O control
  • Understanding of 8051, communication and control
  • Flow control on the serial port
  • Understanding of 8255 and application
  • Application of ADC with 8255
  • Application of DAC with 8255
  • Application of stepper motor with 8255

Designed for users to learn and apply the widely used LabVIEW graphical language (G language), ''LV-100 for LabVIEW I/O Interface Trainer'' is an ideal trainer for users of all levels. LV-100 for LabVIEW I/O Interface Trainer provides I/O control experiment manual, which covers from the basic experiments such as how to program with the use of parallel and serial ports in PC to the advanced experiments of applying 8255(Programmable Peripheral Interface) and 8051 (Micro-Controller).

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