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68000 Microprocessor Trainer 24-141

This trainer is a versatile design & evaluation tool for Education & Training purposes, with full access given to Data & Address buses, enabling logic analysers and other diagnostic equipment to be connected for demonstration and debugging. On-board 16-bit wide static RAM & EPROM are provided with expansion facilities and extensive serial & parallel I/O hardware. A serial cable is supplied with the Trainer.


  • 8MHz processor
  • 64K bytes of RAM & ROM
  • 16-bit wide data bus
  • 16-bit bases accessible
  • RAM & ROM expandable
  • EEPROM based monitor
  • Line-by-line assembler
  • Registers inspected/modified
  • View each step with trace function
  • Standard uploading format

Based on the MC68000 16-bit microprocessor, this is a complete computer suitable for many stand-alone applications, especially for real-time control, where power & speed are important. It is supplied with comprehensive EPROM based monitor, line-by-line assembler programs & PC compatible communications software. User and experiment manuals are supplied. Cross-assembler 24- 944 & applications boards are also available. Compatible with Applications Board 24-200.

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