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8086 Development & Training System 24-131


  • External bus expansion n Fully buffered, programmable serial port
  • Full address decoding n Seven levels of prioritised interrupts
  • Two 16-bit programmable parallel I/O ports
  • Three channel programmable timer
  • 4.9 MHz processor speed
  • RS232 serial communications
  • 8 levels of interrupts
  • On-board hardware reset
  • Windows monitor software
  • Examine/Alter memory and register
  • Single step function
  • Memory block display
  • Port in/out display function

The 8086 16-bit microprocessor and a set of associated peripheral devices are fitted to this computer board and it is supplied complete with an ''on board'' EPROM-based monitor. Driven from a PC serial port, this product is compatible with the 8086 assembler 24-945 and the Applications Board 24-200. User and experiments manuals are supplied.

Assembler code programs can be entered into the integral LINE-by-LINE assembler, Disassembled and debugged with the powerful MONITOR facilities. LINEassembled programs can also be saved and re-loaded, when required. Both Register & Memory contents can be displayed on the screen in their own windows and a Watch Window enables specific selected memory locations to be monitored.

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