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OAT343 Operational Amplifier Tutor

This component level board features four operational amplifier circuits - one of these circuits is constructed completely with discrete components, enabling detailed investigations to be carried out on the circuit operation.


  • Open board construction
  • Four operational amplifiers
  • A selection of resistive & capacitive feedback components
  • On-board potentiometers
  • Complete with manual and interconnecting leads

The OAT343 is an open board style Operational Amplifier Tutor. It features four operational amplifiers, one of which is constructed with discrete components, enabling work to be carried out on the internal make up of an Op Amp. The comprehensive manual provided with the equipment discusses work in the following areas:

  • Operational Amplifier feedback
  • Slewing rate requirements
  • Frequency response
  • Input offset voltage
  • Common mode rejection ratio

    Curriculum Coverage
  • Operational Amplifier characteristics
  • Adder or summing amplifier
  • Inverting & non-inverting modes
  • dc voltage follower
  • Open loop voltage gain
  • Differential dc amplifier
  • Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
  • Analogue integration and
  • Sign changer or inverter differentiation
  • Scale changer
  • Linear & Non-linear oscillators
  • Discovery Courseware
  • 12-910 covers the curriculum for the OAT343.
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