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CK341 Advanced Logic Trainer

The CK341 is a versatile and easy to use trainer that allows rapid construction of digital circuits using integrated devices that are conveniently packaged in large plug-in modules. Each module has a mimic of the integrated circuit that it contains. Analogue circuits can also be used to construct hybrid circuits.


  • Single shot clock
  • Built-in clock generator (approx. 1Hz - 100kHz)
  • Polarised component carriers to prevent accidental wrong insertion
  • Includes comprehensive student manual
  • Clear logic mimic diagrams on modules
  • Eight slide switch inputs
  • Seven segment display with hexadecimal decoder driver
  • Eight LED output monitors

The CK341 is a versatile and easy to use equipment for the rapid construction of digital circuits using integrated devices. It also provides facilities for digital, analogue and hybrid circuits to be quickly assembled. Its low cost, yet rugged construction, makes it an ideal teaching system.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Binary Numbers
  • Basic Logic Operations
  • Combinational Logic
  • Karnaugh Maps
  • The Simple Latch
  • Clocked Flip-Flops
  • The JK Flip-Flop
  • Equivalence
  • Non-equivalence and other circuits
  • Binary Addition
  • Registers
  • Synchronous Counters
  • Asynchronous Counters
  • Codes & Code Converters
  • 7-Segment Display
  • Additional pictures

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