EEC476 Electronic Control of Machines

The EEC476 for use with the EEC470 deck covers a wide range of power related subjects, dealing with semiconductor device characteristics, theory of operation and a wide range of power related applications.


The Electronic Control of Machines EEC476 has been designed to provide a course of study covering device characteristics and dc motor control methods, including PWM motor control and is used in conjunction with the unpowered EEC470 Construction Deck. The hardware includes a dc motor module with optical incremental encoder and eddy current brake. Comprehensive assignments cover theory, objectives, procedure and typical experimental results on a range of topics related to Power Devices and dc Motor Control.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Characteristics and operation of the power MOSFET
  • Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) dc characteristics
  • The unijunction transistor
  • SCR circuits with resistive and complex loads
  • Characteristics of the TRIAC
  • Speed measurement methods
  • Frequency to voltage conversion
  • Phase angle control of a dc motor
  • Feedback control of a dc motor
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Pulse Width Modulation Control of a dc Motor
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