EEC471-472 Basic Electricity and Electronics

The EEC471-2 components are used to construct circuits on the EEC470 deck, and introduce the student to basic principles of electrical & electronic theory and circuits.


A kit of Basic Electricity & Electronics components, housed in a convenient storage tray with identification information. Introduces the student to the basic principles of electrical theory and circuits and the physical and electrical characteristics of commonly used semiconductor devices and circuits. The course begins with an introduction to the general concepts of electricity and electronics, which is followed by practical assignments.

Curriculum Coverage
  • Resistance
  • Resistor networks
  • Resistors in series and parallel
  • Superposition theorem
  • Thevenin's theorem
  • Power
  • Capacitance
  • Capacitors in series and parallel
  • Time constant
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Inductance
  • RMS value of an ac waveform
  • Resistance in ac circuits
  • Capacitance in ac circuits
  • Inductance in ac circuits
  • Capacitive reactance
  • Inductive reactance
  • The series CR circuit
  • The series LR circuit
  • Impedance of a series CR circuit
  • Impedance of a series LR circuit
  • Impedance of a series LCR circuit
  • Parallel impedances
  • Power in ac circuits
  • Series resonance
  • Parallel resonance
  • The transformer
  • The semiconductor diode
  • Half-wave rectification
  • Full-wave rectification
  • The zener diode
  • Transistor familiarisation
  • The common-emitter transistor circuit
  • The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)
  • The TRIAC
  • Trigger devices - the DIAC and UJT
  • The field effect transistor

    Discovery Courseware
  • 12-901 covers the curriculum for the EEC471-2.
  • Additional pictures

    EEC470 Electricity and Electronics Constructor Deck


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