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Feedback 62-005 Dissectible Machines System Trainer

The complete Dissectible Machines System includes all the equipment required to perform the full range of student assignments.


  • Fully functional, multi-part constructional machines kit
  • Creates a practical and realistic machines tutor
  • Over 50 types of machine may be assembled
  • From vocational to graduate engineer level
  • Inherently safe
  • Fully developed course curriculum

The complete Dissectible Machines System includes all the equipment required to perform the full range of student assignments. The system comprises two benchtop frames. One holds all the individual components required to build the extensive range of Dissectible Machines. The second frame houses the workstation. It consists of a range of ac and dc meters, resistive and capacitive loads and power supplies. The system provides a hands-on approach to the understanding of electrical machines principles suitable for training technician and undergraduate engineers.

Curriculum Coverage

  • Elementary ac and dc generators
  • dc series motor and generator
  • dc shunt motor and generator
  • dc compound motor and generator
  • Single phase ac series universal motor
  • Single phase ac repulsion motor
  • Single phase ac synchronous motor/generator
  • Single phase ac generator
  • Three phase ac induction motor, squirrel cage, 2 pole and 4 pole
  • Three phase ac synchronous motor and generator
  • ac brushless generator
  • Stepper motor
  • Shaded pole induction motor
  • Split field series motor
  • Dynamic braking of a dc motor
  • Power factor correction of ac motors
  • Synchronous motor V curve characteristics
  • Pole-changing induction motor
  • dc shunt motor faults
  • Four pole induction motor faults

    Dissectible Machines Components 62-110

    This Tutor provides the basic dissectible machines components as described in 'The Dissectible Machine' section at the beginning of this document. It is intended for use where there are already power supply, drive, loading and measuring instruments available. Included in this package are the Resistor/ Capacitor unit and the Control Switches panel providing the basic elements of electrical loads and electromechanical control.

    Control Switches
  • Component selection
  • Changing motor speed Switches are:- 1 x 3way, 3 x 1way, 1 x 4way Switch ratings 240V ac l0A

    Resistor/Capacitor Unit
  • Low power resistive/reactive component unit
  • Resistive elements 3 x 68W
  • Capacitive elements:-2μF, 4μF, 8μF and 10mF
  • Nominal ratings Resistance 50W each Capacitors 400V (63V for 10mF)
  • Additional pictures

    63-500 Variable Speed Drive


    Dissectible Machine

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