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Feedback 60-070 Powerframes

Electrical Power and Machines is one of the most important areas of study for students in further and higher education.


  • Low cost entry level
  • Industrial style dc, single and three phase machines
  • Choice of instrumentation available
  • Supplied with comprehensive Torque/Speed measurement system
  • High level of electrical and mechanical safety
  • Quick and easy machine coupling
  • Multi-output dc, single and three phase protected supply

The 60-070 Core System provides a versatile but cost effective introduction to the study of Electrical Power and Machines which will be sufficient for many applications but can be enhanced at any time by adding any of the various modules described later in this brochure. Safety has been paramount during the development of this system and every effort has been made to protect both the user and the equipment. Safety 4mm sockets are used throughout for interconnections and guards are provided to cover rotating components.

Curriculum Coverage
  • dc Motors and Generators
  • dc Shunt Motor
  • dc Series Motor
  • dc Compound Motor
  • dc Separately Excited Motor
  • dc Shunt Generator
  • dc Compound Generator
  • Separately Excited dc Generator
  • ac Motors
  • Single Phase Induction Motor - Capacitor Start / Induction run
  • Starting requirements
  • Effect of start capacitor
  • Effect of capacitor on output characteristics
  • Torque/speed and efficiency characteristics
  • Three phase ac Motors
  • Three phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • Star connected motor
  • Voltages and currents
  • Delta connected motor Voltages and currents
  • Torque/speed and efficiency characteristics

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    Power and Machines



    60-070 ASC Three Phase Motor

    60-070-VIP virtual instrument panel

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