Fiber laser vibrometer

E5.2.9.5 Fiber laser vibrometer


  • Dual beam interference.
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometer.
  • Doppler effect.
  • Acoustooptic modulator.
  • Frequency shift.
  • Heterodyne interferometer.
  • Frequency mixing.
  • Vibration measurement.
Principle of operation

The laser vibrometer allows the high precision and contactless measurement of the movement of a target. For a common interferometer, a mirror must be attached to the target which reflects the light back into the interferometer. The outstanding property of the laser vibrometer is the fact that it directly focuses the laser beam to the target. It therefore belongs to the important class of contactless operating measuring instruments. The heart of the set-up is formed by a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The frequency of one of the two beams is shifted by an acoustooptic modulator in order to apply the heterodyne fringe detection technique. Contrary to the homodyne technique, the subsequent signal amplifiers are AC coupled allowing a much higher gain in a simpler way. Due to its contactless operation and high precision, the laser vibrometer has found a lot of applications in industrial applications

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