Fiber laser gyroscope

E5.2.9.4 Fiber laser gyroscope


  • Sagnac effect.
  • Fiber ring laser.
  • Ring laser modes.
  • Interference.
  • Fringe detection.
  • Mode lock-in.
  • Precision angle measurement.
  • WDM coupler.
Principle of operation

Air planes are equipped with laser gyros for navigation. Beside their high precision, they have shown reliability, long term stability, and a long lifetime. Within this experimental set-up, the basics of the laser gyro are explained and practically studied at the system, which allows full access to all components. The experimental laser gyroscope (gyro) consists of a sturdy turntable on which the fibre ring laser is mounted. By means of a motorised rotational stage, the angular motion of the turntable is performed. The ring laser consists of an Erbium Doped Fibre (EDF) and is coiled up onto a drum. The point of rotation lies well within the centre of the drum

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