Optical transmitter and receiver

E5.2.9.2 Optical transmitter and receiver


  • Optical fiber transmitter.
  • Optical fiber receiver.
  • Optical glass fiber, 5 km.
  • CCD camera.
  • Video and audio transfer.
  • Optical fiber.
  • Optical signal detection.
  • Fiber coupled photodetector.
  • Communication via fiber.
Principle of operation

Within this project, a data transmission segment will be set-up with a total fibre length of 5 km and the transmission of video and audio signals are studied. The project starts with the connection of the fibres to the transmitter and receiver. In the next step, the electronic connections are done. The set-up can operate with a colour CCD video camera, a CD-player as an audio source, a TV screen as a monitor as well as serial RS232 data devices. This project demonstrates in an impressive way the new exiting telecommunication via optical glass fibre

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