Optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR)

E5.2.9.1 Optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR)


  • Fiber coupled dode laser.
  • Pulse and CW operation.
  • Optical fiber, 5 km.
  • Losses of fiber and connector.
  • Fiber coupled photo detector.
  • Light echoes, speed of light.
Principle of operation

There are two main reasons for the origination of scattered light. One is the back scattering at imperfections of the fibre so called scatter centres and the other one the faces of the fibre. According to the Fresnel laws a part of the incident light intensity is reflected back to the fibre entry and causes a peak which is related to the distance of the reflecting face. The back scattered light caused by the scatter centres provides the information of the attenuation of the fibre. The time resolved intensity of the back scattered light is either taken by an oscilloscope or the provided software

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